EAB Evaluation and recommendation

After several weeks of discussion and clarification the EAB delivered its evaluation and recommendation. We bring you some of most important points:

  • The EAB strongly supports the request of an extension of EVA project with nine or ten months to finalize the work and complete the tasks foreseen. It is said that: “Covid-19 has caused in all subprograms a significant and unavoidable delay; this has been clearly and explicitly mentioned by the speakers and subprogram leaders. Therefore, an extension until mid-2023 is more than justified and essential to make the outcome of EVA 4.0 successful. For the justification, the arguments voiced by all subprogram and team leaders during the online meeting can be grouped.”
  • EAB report suggest more further development of cooperation between subprograms, including the need to create the conditions for regular meetings of different types, e.g.: for the whole project, for post-docs, for a subgroup of subprograms. The EAB still thinks that cooperation between the different subprograms can be improved and that the multidisciplinary so achieved will be an important gain for the EVA project.
  • More effort for Q1 publications is recommended as well as more support of PhD students and creation of future research groups for timeframe after EVA support.

Let us express gratitude to all EAB members for their suggestions and comments.

EAB members: Göran Stahl (SLU); Margarida Tomé (ISA Universidade de Lisboa); Reinhart Ceulemans (PLECO); Fernando Fraternali (UNISA); Libor Jankovský (MENDELU); Wolfgang Wiltschko (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main); Roswita Wiltschko (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main); Marc Palahí (EFI).


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