Perspective properties of Totora plant

Members of the Subprogramme 9 of the EVA4.0 project are for a long time focusing on the novel wood-based materials related to GC and Industry 4.0. Last year they contributed to the research of the totora plant properties which is seen as perspective future eco-material.

Totora is a fast-growing plant with a production potential of up to 58 t of dry mass/ha/year and is widely used by indigenous people for producing various products and occasionally by designers for design works. However, totora has an underappreciated industrial potential. If totora is to be used more industrially, we need to thoroughly investigate its properties, especially the mechanical properties of its stems. Therefore, this study presents a comprehensive study of totora stems, namely presents its chemical composition and mechanical properties. If you are interested in more details, read the full paper: Macromolecular composition of totora (Schoenoplectus californicus. C.A. Mey, Sojak) stem and its correlation with stem mechanical properties.

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