Equipment series: 01 Multispectral scanner with X-ray

The system provides a complete platform for wood scanning, assessment of its quality parameters and optimization of cutting plans in relation to the requirements for the output quality of the panels. The technology is designed specifically for scanning of coniferous and deciduous timber until the humidity of 80% and a maximum depth of 50 mm. The BLW WoodEye uses multispectral analysis and two sources of X-rays for high-sensitivity detection of selected defects of timber. The technology also includes a software generating a unique cutting plan with a capacity of 84 products in one production cycle. This sophisticated device is designed to detect errors and both external visual and internal defects in lumber. External defects of wood, such as coloring, cracks, resin, rot, insect infestation, are evaluated in multiple scanning directions. 3D scanning in multiple directions is also used for internal error detection in wood or areas in wood with specific characteristics. The scan uses principles of several systems combined in a single sensing unit. The entire system is automated and controlled by software that controls not only the scanning directions, but also any needed stops of lumber during detection. Based on the analysis, we will set and incorporate into the scanner system how to detect and identify a defect (crack, rot, etc.). The scanner automatically calculates the data regarding density, fiber orientation, and other parameters from input and measured data. Optimal cutting plans will be defined and displayed on the monitor on the basis of measured wood quality data and input 200 / 272 optimization parameters, and after their approval by the operator, the cutting function will be triggered.

Team: SP10

Value: 744 000 €

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