EVA 4.0 researchers focused on the bending characteristics of glued laminated timber

Glued laminated timber (GLT) is a modern structural wood-based material formed by gluing of at least two parallel lamellas. Among others the GLT exploits the advantages of growing wood and counteracts its shortcomings, while it allows the production of shaped parts of almost any shape and size. Most glulams are currently made from more abundant softwood, mainly spruce, fir, or pine. The advantage of composite glulam is the use of more robust wood species in areas where more stresses occur, usually in the surface layers of the beam.

The study of the Subprogram 9 and 10 of the EVA 4.0 project investigated the effect of cyclic temperature variation on the bending properties of glued laminated timber made from combinations of wood species.

The research team found out that the loading temperature could not cause any significant impact on the wood density. Member of the team, Dr. Karami noted that “thermal cycling has a meaningful impact on the modulus of elasticity of glued laminated beams composed of one wood species”. The temperature cycling also has a significant effect on the bending strength of beams glued together from one species. On the other hand, the temperature cycling had no significant impact on the mechanical properties. Nevertheless, the combination of wood species influences mechanical properties, including MOE and MOR.

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