NEWS: EVA4.0 at the 10th Hardwood Conference in Sopron

The University of Sopron in Hungary held between 12 and 14th of October 2022 the 10th Hardwood Conference.

The increasing importance of semi-natural forest management brings increasing attention to hardwood utilization, whereas the demand calls for improved utilization paths supporting the competitives of the hardwood utilization. Thus, the research based results are of high importance stressing the need for excellent professionals meeting.

One of them is the Hardwood conference held in Sopron. This year the event brougth together over sixty speakers and presenters from both academia as well as business. The research teams of the EVA4.0 project for a long-time contribute to the hardwood topic and the Sopron conference was not an exception. Namely, dr. Adam Sikora presented valuable ideas of the wood cutting utilizing the laser technology while dr. Miroslav Sedlecký focused on the use of computed tomography to optimize log cutting.

You can follow their research in detail via the publication section of this web page or by contacting them personally.

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