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Scientists of EVA4.0 shared their experiences with research in digital environment and with digital tools

Deputy of EVA4.0 project shared performed at webinar “Digital University – Science and Research in Digital Age”.

CULS scientists scanned the forest with the help of an iPad

Researchers from the Center of Excellent Research EVA4.0 (SP 5 and 6) of the FFWS of the CZU in Prague researched the possibilities of forest stands scanning using new and generally available...


EVA Research and administrative team wishes you merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Your EVA 4.0

Another EVA External Advisory Board

EAB will be held on 25th of November 2021 in online form

Our wood scientists have another excellent study

Miroslav Gašparík, Elham Karami, Anil Kumar Sethy and Milan Gaff were examining the effect of substantial temperature change to screwed joints. 

EVA Scientists Attended European Researchers’ Night

Researchers’ Night, an event that, for one evening, brings life to hundreds of science buildings that no ordinary mortal can enter.

EVA scientist participated in the discovery of a 24,000-year-old organism that survived frozen in permafrost

Natalia Lakovenko from the excellent EVA research team was part of the team that discovered and subsequently examined a 24,000-year-old living multicellular organism living in soil.

Excellent study on termite immunity evolution

Our scientists from SP2 published an excellent publication in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B – Biological Sciences (IF 5,35; Nature index journal).

Interview with Axel Schopf

Interview with leader of EVA subprogram 3 Axel Schopf.

EAB Evaluation and recommendation

The external advisory board (EAB) meeting of our excellent research unit  took place online on April 27 2021. 

Another success for FWD!

As the lead partner, we have acquired the COST project focused on three-dimensional monitoring of forest ecosystems using modern "3DForEcoTech" technology.

Our wood scientists have another valuable paper in Q1 journal

Our researchers from SP9 and SP10 focused their attention to wood thermal treatment and published valuable paper in Composite Structures journal.

External Advisory Board (EAB) meeting

Regular year EAB meeting is organized on April 27th as part of project management structures and external control.

SP3 obtained new equipment

Our scientists have recently obtained new soil humidity meter with TDR (Time Domain Reflectrometry) technology.

Join our team!

SP2 si seeking postdoc in Molecular Ecology of Tree-Insect Interactions.

Interview with Hynek Burda

Interview with leader of EVA subprogram 1 Hynek Burda 


Equipment series: 01 Multispectral scanner with X-ray

Our first episode of the Equipment series is about multispectral scanner BLW WoodEye

Equipment series

Series about the crucial EVA4.0 equipment launched

Interview with Andrew Liebhold

Interview with project scientific coordinator Andrew Liebhold about his involvment in EVA project 

SP3 deepens cooperation with Czech Academy of Sciences

Promising results on interactions among trees and its insect defoliators under the global climate change

SP2 successful in publishing on termite biology

New symbiotic relations in termite realm confirmed

SP1 team publishing in eLife: Dogs may use Earth’s magnetic field to take shortcuts

Our team in subprogram 1 successfully published article in eLife relating to dogs magnetoreception.

SP9 team is looking for collaborators for H2020 Green Deal call

Our researchers are interested in areas of clean and circular economy or efficient building

From Prague for termites to Papua New Guinea

Sampling termite baits, completing collections and weighing organic matter from leaf collectors or taking termite samples, all and much more, was the goal of the expedition of representatives from the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences to Papua New Guinea (PNG). The trip was attended by Jiří Synek, Oto Nakládal and Jana Vokurková as part of the EVA 4.0 project. The journey to PNG began at the end of November last year and the survey lasted until 13th December, when the expedition returned to the Czech Republic.

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